How To Spot A Winning Graphic Design Portfolio

How To Spot A Winning Graphic Design Portfolio

Author: Jomo Barnett

Jomo Barnett is a Jamaican Digital Marketing Expert and Entrepreneur. As the President of Jomo’s Digital Solutions and the Head of Lead Generation at VIMSCO, Jomo helps his clients Take Charge, Transform & Thrive.

Get To Know Us Better

As the Virtual Internet Marketing Services Company, VIMSCO is a leader in the digital services field. While our home base is Jamaica, we pride ourselves on being a fully functional online marketing firm that offers our services to clients worldwide. This means that you can be in China, the United States, Finland, Greece, or anywhere else in the world and still get world-class professional services from our team.

We realize that with the current state of the world, professional services delivered virtually are needed now more than ever. That is why we meet our clients online and collaborate with them digitally. Our rates are super affordable, while our work is always top-notch.

Super Charged Services For Your Business

Our vast services range through 3 specific areas that any business looking to thrive and earn online need:

Content Creation – This covers Copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, and Graphic Design

Website Development – Includes WordPress Development, Website Maintenance, and Website Hosting

Business Support – Social Media Management, Business Process Outsourcing, and Data Entry

A Look At Our Digital Marketing Services

As mentioned above, we offer several digital marketing services, each of which helps our clients increase their bottom line while focusing on productivity.

You can find a complete list of our services below, as well as a brief description, and a link to each:


We write copy in multiple formats to help promote your business and get your message across clearly and concisely. Includes blog posts, service agreements, video scripts, product descriptions, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Need to get found on Google, Bing, and other search engines? Our SEO techniques include rewriting poorly optimized copy, on-page optimization, backlinking, and improving your online reputation.

Social Media Management & Marketing

To thrive on social media requires much more than making a few posts each week and getting a few likes. You need a plan and the expertise to convert your followers into leads, and ultimately clients.

Data Entry

Our data entry services are accurate with a fast turn around time. We support a wide range of industries, such as healthcare, real estate, insurance, travel, government, retail, education, etc.

Website Development

You need a website that is fast, secure, and mobile optimized. Work with VIMSCO and you will have all this and more. You can do an online store, list your products or services, sell tours, and much more.

Website Hosting

These are super-fast plans for website and app owners seeking secure hosting with excellent uptime. You get 24-hour support, strong anti-spam protection, affordable plans, and an easy to use interface.

Website Maintenance

Ok, so you have a great website built for your business and have even started earning online. You need monthly maintenance to keep things running smoothly, keep your website updated and online.

Graphic Designing

Logos, business cards, social media banners, letterheads, signs, and posters are a few of the graphics that we design for our clients. Let our team of expert designers create them for your business too.

Business Process Outsourcing

Focus on running your business while we do the more technical and repetitive tasks. These include phone and chat support, sales calls, back office management, and more. Our rates are affordable.

Why We Exist

Why did VIMSCO get started? After all, there are many other great digital marketing or business outsourcing services companies around the globe. The answer is that we have noticed that they only offer a limited amount of services. For example, you may find an agency that offers SEO, copywriting, and web development, but they cannot assist you with say social media management or data entry. VIMSCO is the first agency that acts as a nexus of digital services for all your needs, so once you contact us, you will have an answer for all your digital marketing needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to forge partnerships with our clients while helping to grow their business through our affordable and effective digital marketing services.

Our Philosophy

To get it right the first time.

By investing in working together with a digital marketing agency like VIMSCO, you inevitably expect to see a return on your investment. Before we start, we spend a lot of time and effort into understanding your business and the services that you need from us, so that when we begin planning and delivering said services, we always hit and surpass the target.

Why VIMSCO Is Unique

We stand out from the crowd and clutter of other digital marketing agencies and freelancers in several ways, primarily because we pride ourselves on being a nexus of digital services for anyone looking to build, grow and promote their business. So whether you simply have a concept or a fully functioning business, VIMSCO will advise you on the services that you need, and offer you a comprehensive quote to help you get sorted.

No other agency offers the variety and quality of services we offer under 1 roof.

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