Our Business Process Outsourcing Services

VIMSCO is much more than just another call center or business process outsourcing company. We pride ourselves on being PARTNERS to all our clients. Using the latest in technology and industry trends, we keep ourselves up to date to ensure we provide the best services to our partners as possible.

By partnering with us, you get the benefits of world-class customer engagement, digital marketing, accurate analytics, and multichannel services, allowing you to focus on performing the core functions of your business.


The VIMSCO Advantage

Month to month contracts

Open 24/7 with superior support

Centrally located in Jamaica

Support for multiple languages

Our Business Outsourcing Solutions

Sales & Customer Engagement
Our customer engagement and support solutions include product and technical support, inbound and outbound sales, accounts receivable management, customer support, cross-selling/upsells, and any processes unique to your business. VIMSCO’s team of Rockstar customer service agents utilize the latest in technology, as well as the leading software to provide our stellar business outsourcing services and get results for our clients.
Business Process Optimization
Your business needs behind-the-scenes or back-office support to free up your team’s valuable time and resources so that you can focus on the core business functions. By choosing VIMSCO as your business process outsourcing company, you will reduce overall costs and eliminate repetitive tasks, while improving your business’s productivity. We will also analyze your data using the latest tools and report any opportunities for improvement to you.
Digital & Technological Transformation
VIMSCO provides industry-leading digital transformation and technological solutions for our clients. From website support, data entry services, UI design, document digitization, research, software development, AI, client self-service, etc, we can create a solution tailored just for your business. Use our solutions to improve the customer support process, increase customer loyalty and lower defect rates, all while shrinking operational costs.

Our Outsourcing Services

Medical Business Process Outsourcing Services
Health Care
Tv and Cable Business Process Outsourcing Services
TV & Cable
Travel & Hospitality
Financial & Insurance
Technology and Electronics Business Process Outsourcing Services
Telecommunication Business Process Outsourcing Services
Automotive Business Process Outsourcing Services

Why VIMSCO Is 1 Of The Top Business Outsourcing Companies

We provide cost-effective services and solutions for businesses operating in any field, and of varying sizes. We vow to keep your clients engaged, while you and your team work on the next big thing for your business.

  • We are in Jamaica which is a part of the Caribbean and is close to North America, so you can give us a visit to check out our facilities and meet our team before you commit.

  • English is our primary language, and we have agents who speak fluent Spanish and French. As a scalable organization, we are ready and willing to take on additional team members who speak other languages if requested by clients.

  • We have access to high-speed internet connections, and reliable phone service in Jamaica, ensuring your clients receive first-class support

  • Jamaica has a highly skilled and trained workforce, who are eager and willing to learn. We hire the best and brightest team members, and our team of trainers ensures our teammates learn the ins and outs of our client’s business in no time. We are the fastest growing business process outsourcing company in the world for a reason.

  • Our agents speak with neutral accents, so your clients won’t be able to readily tell that you have outsourced to another country.

Get Acquainted With Our Business Channels

Next-Gen Solutions
Growing solutions to streamline your customer support
  • There is much more to marketing and thriving on social media than just making posts and getting likes. We offer community monitoring, engagement strategies, targeted social media ad campaigns, training programs, social media posting schedules and much more. You receive weekly analytics to keep abreast of social media developments and measure your ROI.

  • AI is the future of customer support. With self-service portals and the ever-improving chatbots, artificial intelligence is beginning to play a bigger role in customer service. Our team of developers and researchers use the latest technology for our clients.

  • A tried and true method of communication, SMS is an excellent channel for providing support for your clients, and even doing marketing. We offer this channel as part of our business outsourcing packages.

Core Services
The backbone of any customer support plan
  • Live chat is a tried and true customer engagement channel, as it allows your customers to interact with your support team in real-time. Our live chat solutions even have the functionality to have your client call free on the website, send or receive files, view and control their device, and create support tickets. Our team of chat experts knows how to boost your bottom line and keep your clients happy.

  • Email remains one of the most popular methods of communication for a reason – it works! There is much more to email than just sending and receiving though, and our team can use valuable metrics from your customers to know what time they are most likely to open emails, when an email is opened, what links are clicked and much more. We turn email inboxes into a valuable marketing channel.

  • Our inbound and outbound voice solutions provide fast and efficient support for your clients. As part of our business outsourcing services, we can either train your team on how to use our solutions or provide you with a highly trained team with no noticeable accents.

  • Reduce call volumes and allow your customers to discover the answers to their questions with a well laid out self-service solution. We can create your interactive solution from scratch or help improve your existing solution.

Behind The Curtain
Vital support services you need to enhance your business
  • If you have any tasks in your business that you do not need the core members of your team to do, then you can outsource these services to us. This includes order fulfillment, marketing, fraud prevention, accounting, web support and maintenance, usability testing, list scrubbing and much more.

  • Analytics help us measure the effectiveness of a solution or platform. VISMCO can handle all the analytics of your website, email campaigns, SEO plans, online ads, live chat solutions and more, and provide you reports in easily understandable formats.

  • When launching a new website or interface, testing before going live is a no brainer. We will take the guesswork out of your new design by performing A/B tests, split tests or multivariate tests using a wide range of variables.

  • A business’ website is usually a virtual billboard or digital storefront, so it always needs to be up and running. Our maintenance services include performing updates as needed, monitoring comments/registrations, monitoring your site’s uptime and much more. More advanced packages include SEO, content creation, hosting, speed increases, CDN, etc.

Cool team of knowledable experts. Will definitely recommend them highly!

Jermaine - Sport Statistics Website

I was highly impressed with the professionalism and dedication shown by the VIMSCO team, and will continue working with them.

Keron - Construction Company Owner

VIMSCO built our logo, website and promotional material, and we could not be happier! We are now selling our products worldwide.

Owner - Majestic Buzz Delights
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3 West, Greater Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica. W.I.

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